VT Renfaire 2016


What an event!


The sun was out in full force, there were jousts, live steel full armor combat, and amazing performers! We were lucky enough to have one put on a musical/comedy show for us at the booth. What he can do with two flutes…well I don’t want to spoil it for you. Come out and see it next year!

The forge was up and running the entire time. I made a collapsible signpost which was not easy, let me tell you! 5/8in steel 6ft long is tough to maneuver. The wonderful Auntie Arwen (http://www.auntiearwenspices.com) loved my signpost so much, she commissioned one for herself! I added some twists for flair and she was thrilled. Her plan is to use it to signal a location for blacksmith classes at an incredible yearly event, Pennsic! I am quite honored.

Another favorite moment I had came from an entranced little boy. He was so fascinated by what I was doing, I’m sure he’ll make a great future ‘smith. His excitement was pretty contagious, it inspired me to make him a sword. Don’t worry, it wasn’t sharp, and it was only about two inches long. He was so thrilled! I think I’m hooked on doing demos.




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