Fairfax Mini Renfaire!

It’s been a while since I last posted, instead of listing the reasons why it’s taken me so long, let’s just blame it on the mundane and move on. Last weekend was amazingly event packed in VT, there were several festivals, performances, events, even Eddie Izzard! I participated in two of them, an art show, and a mini Renfair.

The art show was hosted by a friend, a first-time gallery/bazaar. While it was a fairly quiet event, the host and I really learned a lot, and I made some new friends! I can’t count it as a loss.0730161810

The Renfaire was a huge hit. I brought the bare minimum amount of materials and equipment, and my booth had a constant stream of guests. A four hour fair, and I worked almost nonstop! I’d like to thank Mr.Tearlach for gifting me a doughnut halfway through the day. It really helped! The fair itself was pretty amazing, here’s a link to a photo album. https://www.facebook.com/betsy.finstad/media_set?set=a.10154392133789320.1073741977.516964319&type=3

And here’s some photos of me in action! The kids really loved the troll crosses, and I love making them. It’s a great little necklace that protects kids from trolls, boogeymonsters, etc (100% guaranteed!). I think them getting to see them forged makes a big difference, hopefully I helped some kids sleep better at night.



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